Southern Clams

Greenhouse Gas Emission

Southern Clams Limited has been voluntarily reporting their carbon emissions since 2010 in accordance with the international standard for GHG accounting ISO 14064-1. This report relies on the values and figures provided by staff at Southern Clams and no attempts are made to verify the data. This report is not intended to replace programmes such as the Carbon Zero Programme.

Southern Clams purchases Permanent Forest Sink Initiative (PFSI) credits to offset their carbon emissions. The PFSI is a sustainable forest programme that allows land owners to receive carbon credits through the creation of permanent forests[1]. Southern Clams purchased 1,460 credits and currently has a net surplus that will be used for future offsetting. To view the retired credits click here.

Southern Clams Carbon Emissions Report 2010 - 2014

A summary has been included for Southern Clams 2014 emissions in comparison to the base year (2010):

  • Overall, greenhouse gas emissions increased by 26% due in part to a refrigeration plant failure.
  • Marine diesel emissions dropped 72% in 2014 due to reduced use of their Nelson based boat.
  • Diesel use remains the largest source of emissions associated with trucks and marine transport and contributes 35% of total emissions.
  • Emissions from electricity use is 27% lower
  • Petrol emissions has reduced 43%
  • Emissions resulting from landfill waste have continued to track low since a large reduction in 2013 due to the lower emissions factor because of the new land fill gas recovery. 
  • Emissions from domestic and international travel were at their second lowest and highest respectively.
  • A positive balance of 968.6 retired carbon credits remain, and this will be used to offset future emissions.

Ahika has been reporting emissions for Southern Clams since 2010. For more information visit
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